About us

Zvoni Hodak

Jewellery & silversmithing

Metal serves as a catalyst that best expresses my modernist ideals and aesthetic, giving me the freedom to exploit both traditional and modern fabrication techniques. 

My process begins by prototyping each new design by hand; saw piercing, soldering, and forging, utilising sustainable materials and practices wherever possible. I then digitally model many of my designs to have them 3D printed in wax and formed using traditional lost wax casting techniques. I apply resin for colours and finish every piece by hand; sanding, burnishing and polishing to ultimately reveal meticulously clean designs. ​


My work yields modernist pieces that embrace innovative technologies while being grounded in natural form. And like the untouched nature around me, I try to encompass both structure and beauty in the final products of my design process.

Phil Young

Lighting & objects

I combine timber with colourful resins to produce unique statement pieces. Whenever possible, I source timber from local arborists and farmers. Aside from being responsible, this approach provides access to natural features that are rarely found in commercially sourced timbers including charcoal from bush fires, damage from fungal infections and stress fractures. 

One of the joys of turning is searching for the hidden gems that can lay hidden in even the most rotted lump of firewood. Disease, fire and fungus can generate all sorts of unique features and colours that are only revealed once the timber has been cleaned back and oiled.


Every so often a piece of timber emerges that starts my heart racing. Having found the piece, I spend sleep deprived hours thinking through exactly how it could be shaped; if resin needs to be applied and if so, what colours.


0418 459 830 or 0403 037 630

Studio 2, 31A Station Street, Bowral NSW 2576

Opening hours: whenever you find us working away in the studio

Often 10-4 from Tuesday to Saturday, or by appointment :)